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Terms & Conditions

1. BARRESI Real Estate will supply the customer - either orally or in writing - with offers of rental properties which were previously unknown to him. Should the customer already have knowledge of an offer he must inform BARRESI Real Estate immediately and if requested provide proof of his previous knowledge.

2. All offers from BARRESI Real Estate must be treated confidentially. If this confidentiality is breached the customer is liable to BARRESI Real Estate for the commission fee which would have been due.

3. BARRESI Real Estate merely provides information about accommodation and the possibility of a rental contract. The obligations of the rental contract are solely the obligation of the client and the landlord. BARRESI Real Estate cannot be held responsible to any of the parties for a violation or breach of the rental contract.

4. The finalization of an oral or written rental contract for one of the offers given the client must be reported to BARRESI Real Estate immediately, at the latest within 48 hours. The same applies for every extension of the rental contract. In case of finalization, a fee of 2 x the monthly cold rent falls due to the client and has to be paid within 14 days after signing the rental contract.

5. If the client finds accommodation from another source, he commits himself to report this to BARRESI Real Estate and to advise BARRESI Real Estate of his new address.

6. The commission is excluding VAT and based on the monthly rent given by the landlord in our offer, excluding extra costs.

7. No claims can be made against BARRESI Real Estate in the case of an early termination of the rental contract. The full commission fee remains due according to the originally agreed rental contract.

8. A commission fee will also be charged, if the landlord, to which you where referred by BARRESI Real Estate, offers the latter a housing space different from that indicated by BARRESI Real Estate. This is also valid in case the landlord is not the owner of accommodation or suggests accommodation space in the name of third parties.

9. By using our services you are entering into a contract with us and agree to abide by our conditions of service.

10. In case of discrepancies the original German AGB - Standard Terms and Conditions - will prevail. In all other cases statutory provisions apply

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